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Here is one book that gives you all the advice you need to scatter your ashes if you choose cremation. Author Jesse Kalfel’s new book, So You’re Cremated . . . Now What? Over 100 Creative Ways to Scatter Your Ashes and Other Useful Information, offers user-friendly advice on how to handle cremated remains, whether the ashes in question are your own or a loved ones.

Kalfel was inspired to research ash scattering options when his 97-year-old mother expressed a wish to be cremated rather than buried. He began by questioning his friends and learned that, while many were interested in cremation, few had thought about the afterlife of their ashes.

Kalfel’s lighthearted book is about how to plan that final statement. In an only slightly irreverent tone, he presents information and ideas that makes the serious topic so approachable it could end up being the central conversation for your next family reunion or a night out with friends. So You’re Cremated . . . Now What? provides everything from legal tips and urn advice, to various ways of sending your remains into space (via fireworks or satellites). The book includes a handy list of resources (including commercial ash scattering services) and a list of celebrities that opted for cremation (from Ansel Adams to Virginia Woolf).

Over 40 percent of Americans choose cremation every year. And they are in good company. Paul Newman, Ethel Merman, Groucho Marx, Marlon Brando, and George Harrison to name a few. But just because you want to be cremated doesn’t make it so. You need to make cremation preparations before you actually check out. And you may have a lot of questions you want answered to create the trouble-free send-off you really would like.

Kalfel writes a book for our times-a highly readable guidebook that sheds light and brings great wit to the topic of cremation. Part history, part philosophy, and part comedy, Kalfel gives you cremation and ash scattering legal tips, urn advice, and numerous ash scattering location suggestions before delving into over 100 ways your ashes can be scattered or turned into memorable objects.

What you can do as a final statement is what this book is all about. If cremation is a considered choice for you or a loved one, this book provides a way to start thinking and discussing this subject. By knowing your options, you can be in the director’s chair for your life’s grand finale.



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